The Wig Business Plan You Should Know Before You Start

Several customers have been demanding hair extensions for wigs for functional or aesthetic purposes. That is the big reason for driving the market from a few years towards wig making. Africans are the largest consumers of hair extensions. The increased demand for hair extensions influences manufacturers to set up production facilities to meet the needs. Before starting the wig business services, you have to make a few plans.

WIG business plan

The big dot is that is the wig business profitable? The demand for customers has always been nearly uptight. They prefer to buy wigs in different colors and lengths rather than visiting salons for a hair treatment that causes hair damage. It is also helpful to save their precious time. The hair fall increase rates worldwide, and the popularity of maintaining personal grooming and beauty has increased the demand of Wigs making business. It has caused significant influence on the market to prosper and make it profitable.

The Hair Wigs Market Share and Demand

The synthetic wigs and toupees encourage more men and women worldwide to opt for these alternatives than to go for surgical methods or hair transplants. The global market is expected to expand from USD 5.8 billion to USD13.3 billion by 2026. The growth rate is 13%. The boosted demand for wig-making products influences manufacturers to set up production facilities in Asian countries, especially China and India.

What do you Need to Start the Wig Business Plan?

To start a wig business, you need to work out an extensive plan having information about all procedures and techniques applied through different courses. After having a complete understanding of the process, you would require other wig machines, tools and accessories to come on board. To implement your business plan, you need single or three heads machines, wigs making machines, steam ovens, and weft repair machines.

Moreover, other accessories are parts of this procedure, such as silk net, wig caps, wig cap clips, hair clips and feathers, hair weft glue, weft packing machines and chemicals.

Why is Jiangs Hair Academy the Best Partner for your Business?

Wig making has increased per capita, having an optimistic impact on wigs and extensions manufacturers. Jiang’s Hair Academy helps to implement your Wigs business plan. They provide all the courses from hair wefts to hair ventilating to make your dream come true. They provide all the required wig making machinery and accessories to facilitate the process of wig making business.

Starting a wig manufacturing business is rewarding as you solve an immediate issue for your customer and something you genuinely care about them.

Jiang’s Hair Academy provides all top branded machines and accessories. We work in all domains related to wig making. Our experts and instructors provide you with guidance at every step for your future wigs business plan. Undoubtedly, active service will meet your expectations.



4 thoughts on “The Wig Business Plan You Should Know Before You Start”

  1. Clarice S Franklin

    Hello I am Clarice, a reseller looking forward to doing business with your company. I’m looking forward to doing business with your company as a part of my journey to opening a wig manufacturing company. I am asking for your guidance and direction with your available products and trainings so I will be able to make my decision, hoping to purchase with your company soon!!
    Kind regards,

    Clarice Franklin Brown
    Simmesport, Louisiana

  2. Hi I am looking to start my own wig manufacturing company for medical grade wigs and toppers is that something your college teaches?? Do you have access to materials needed to create these types of wigs??

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