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Product Description​

Tape in hair extension is one of the most-popular type of extensions on the market. They are low-maintenance, affordable and can seamlessly integrate with your client’s natural hair. Incredibly lightweight and comfortable, they are one of the most requested types of extensions asked by salons. In this course, you will learn all the essentials you need to add this must-have treatment to your menu.

HOW TO MAKE Hair Extensions for Hair Extension System done
with Double Sided Adhesive Tapes
such as “Skin Weft”,  “Hand-tied Tape hair”, “Hand-tied Skin Weft”, “Tape Weft Hair”,  “Seamless Skin Weft Hair Extensions”
( We have more than 10 different kinds of METHODS of making Skin Wefts
for Tape in hair extensions System which can be done/worn using double-sided adhesive tapes.
And, we have different training class fees according to the Manufacturing Methods or Techniques. )

You will learn from this course:
▪How to make 2 different styles .
▪Style A:This manufacturing method needs equipments (machines, tools, chemicals).
▪Style B(seamless):This manufacturing method does not need expensive equipments (machines, tools, chemicals).
We cooperate with the technician who has many years of experience.

Machines and accessories needed: tape hair machines, drying oven, pu skin, glue etc.

OFFLINE COURSE (Cause of pandemic, offline course stopped )

Venue Xuchang city, China
Time Upon request
Duration 4 days
Price Contact
Including ▪Pick-up & See-off  ▪Transportation  ▪Course fee

▪Accommodation   ▪1-2 trainees only

Excluding ▪Visa & Airfares  ▪Personal Expenses


  • Online training by videos, including all processes of the offline course .
  • Trainees will only need to pay the rest of the offline tuition if come to learn the offline course after the online course .

tape in hair tape in hair

tape in hair


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