Pu Skin Closure Class / Training Course / How To Make Pu Skin Wigs

You will learn from this course:

▪How to make PU skin closure by hair injection machine

We cooperate with the technician who has more than 15 years of experience in making pu skin closure.

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Product Description​

The PU skin base closure is made of a durable polyurethane material that PU closure creates a seamless seal between your scalp.

What is PU skin?
A PU wig is also known as a thin skin base wig. The thin skin is a polyurethane (PU) and usually, it is slightly brown, medium brown, or transparent to suit different skin tones – as such these types of wigs are normally custom-made, high-quality items as opposed to normal items.
What is a PU closure?
PU (polyurethane) Base Closures are designed to be clipped, weaved, glued, or taped onto the top part of head to form a natural parting.

Pu Skin Base Wig is ventilated by hand, using a looping technique so that each hair stays secure longer. Because each hair is not knotted but injected into the thin skin material, there are no knots needed and hair appears to be growing right out of the skin’s scalp.
What is a Pu Skin Base Wig?
Pu Skin Base Wig is available in several colors to match one’s skin tone, and can be applied either on a top of a lace wig cap (thin skin top), or around the perimeter of a PU Wig or even over the entire cap of a hair unit.

Pu Skin Base Wig usually looks great with a lighter density hair like 100%-120% and has a longer life span than a regular lace wig. When placed against real skin, thin skin is invisible and virtually undetectable to touch.

Since polyurethane materials can accommodate any kind of bonding agents (like glue, tape), thin skin can be attached with any type of adhesives if one choose to, for added security.

Benefits of Wearing Pu Skin Base Wig
1. Flawless understandable wear
3. With the option to customize these Pu Skin Base Wig you can choose from either : transparent, light brown , medium brown as well dark brown, to better blend with your complexion.
4. Capabilities to restyle in any desired hairstyle
5. Another benefit of Pu Skin Base Wig is that the removal of adhesive residue which is much easier as you don’t have to contend with the hard work of removing excess sticky residue on the likes of a lace wig .
6. When applied properly and by a professional hairstylist the Pu Skin Base Wig looks exceptionally natural and provides a realistic hairline.

This training course is to Learn how to make pu skin closure by hair injection machine, how to make top closure ventilating/ventilate lace closure by hair injection machine.


Venue Xuchang city, China
Time Upon request
Duration 4 days
Price Contact
Including ▪Pick-up & See-off  ▪Transportation  ▪Course fee

▪Accommodation   ▪1-2 trainees only

Excluding ▪Visa & Airfares  ▪Personal Expenses


  • Online training by videos, including all processes of the offline course .
  • Trainees will only need to pay the rest of the offline tuition if come to learn the offline course after the online course .

Online course is available.

Learn more about this course, please contact us on whatsapp.

Machines and accessories needed: hair injection machine, pu skin etc.

pu skin closure

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