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Product Description​

Hair ventilation/ventilating training course/class (it is also called “hair knotting classes”) You will learn from this course: How to make closure, frontal, full lace wig, silk top, Including 5 different ventilating methods. We can supply all hair accessories needed .

Ventilation is the method of knotting  hair into a wig cap or a lace foundation. Whether you are a wig wearer irritating with your insecure headcover or a newcomer who aspire to become a wig-maker, it is a should to master these skills.

Our hair ventilation course will offer you skills like no other. You will get the chance to learn all about the arts of ventilating hair by hand. Learn all the essentials at an affordable cost and kick-start your career on a high. This offer is hard to come by elsewhere, and it’s an offer that allows you to get more for less.

Do you want to start making hair wigs? People use human hair for wig making ventilating techniques to create knots or add hair into the base material.  Hence, this course  hand-knot techniques you should know.


  • 4days course, 9am-5pm .
  • Private course, 1 teacher to 1 trainee .
  • Including 4 days hotel .
  • Available for 1-2 trainees only, and 30% up from the 3rd trainee .


  • Online training by videos, including all processes of the offline course .
  • Trainees will only need to pay the rest of the offline tuition if come to learn the offline course after the online course .

We cooperate with the technician who has over 20 years of experience in making tape in hair extension.

Online training is available.

Learn more about this course or want to get free course , please contact us on whatsapp.

For the hair ventilation The hair accessories needed: lace base (lace piece, full lace wit cap etc.), ventilating needles, ventilating needles holder, pin, ventilating plastic heads.

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